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​​​Little Picasso Day Care & Art Centre offers a unique child care program for children 18 months and up, a unique Art-Rich Emergent Curriculum where children of all ages will have the opportunity to engage in age-appropriate and open-ended art projects . We have created a unique environment at Little Picasso Art Centre that will inspire, challenge, and nurture young children in a safe and colorful space. 

We understand that the early years of a child’s life form the basis for his/her future growth and development. At Little Picasso Daycare & Art Centre, we aspire to provide a balanced and age-appropriate child care program that emphasizes the following development domains:
Creative Expression through our unique Art-Rich program.
Language and Literacy Development through providing a rich and varied age-appropriate library and interactive Story time circles.
Cognitive Development by providing toys and open-ended games and activities that challenge the child’s mind.
Social and Emotional Development through facilitating healthy interaction among children and caregivers.
Physical Development by encouraging both indoor and outdoor physical activities.

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Toddler Program

At Little Picasso Daycare we take our food very seriously; we believe that food shouldn't only be healthy and nutritious, it should also be delicious. Our menu has been carefully prepared according to the guidelines of the Canada Food Guide with much research and trials in such a way as to provide children with food that is both healthy and tastefully pleasing. Meals are prepared in-house using fresh ingredients and following strict food safety procedures. Our goal is to provide children with the required nutrition that is necessary for their physical and mental development.   

Pre-School Program

Food & Nutrition

Little Picasso Licensed Child Care Program  


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