Fee: $250.00 per WEEK

Afternoon Art Time at Little Picasso is an after school art program where children are engaged in creative art projects. Activities include drawing, painting, print making, textile painting and our exclusive introduction to glass and porcelain art. 

After school time is no longer just sitting around waiting for the time to pass; time will be creatively utilized creating beautiful works of art and craft. 

All art materials are included. Please pack snacks and a water bottle for your child. 

After School Art

After School - 5:00pm. (Ages 4 - 12)

​​Saturday 8-Week Program: $200.00

All art materials are included. Please pack snacks and a water bottle for your child.

Fee: $250.00 per WEEK

All art materials are included. Please pack a water bottle, nut-free lunch and snacks for your child. 

Contact us today at info@littlepicasso.ca or call +1.902.802.7583

Full-Day Art Camp

In the Summer contact us for availability prior to filling out any forms.

Our Weekly & Full Day Camps are:  8:00am - 4:00pm.

Payments and deposits are not refundable. Credit for future bookings if cancelled at least 5 business days in advance.

Two hours of art and crafts every Saturday as part of an 8-week program; children will spend two full hours experimenting with different materials and techniques. Glass Art is now at the heart of our program, in addition to acrylics, water colors, fabric painting and charcoal. Children will come out more confident about their techniques and personal styles. Everyone will be taking home so many masterpieces that will embrace the walls for many years to come.

 Registration is not open yet for 

2022 March Camp. 

Daily Fees​  $25.00 

Held throughout the school year,  when schools are off such as PD days. ​ Fee: $50 per DAY

 Registration is not open yet for 

2022 Summer Camps. 

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Saturday Art Classes

10:00am - 12:00pm. (Ages 4 - 12)

Art Camp at Little Picasso is where creativity, inspiration, and fun meet. Whether it's summer camp or March break camp, our week-long camps include drawing, painting, printmaking, textile painting, and our exclusive introduction to glass and porcelain art. Each week children will experiment with and explore materials and techniques from all of the above art forms.

During camp, children work individually and in groups to foster both individuality as well as team spirit. All our programs and activities are age-appropriate and aimed to develop the child's artistic and creative development.  

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